Identity theft cases soar to ‘epidemic’ levels.

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What is identify theft?-

Weather you need to dispose of old laptops, PC’s or paperwork you need to be sure that none of your information is going to fall into the wrong hands.

SMB run a secure shredding service for residence located in Maidstone , Chatham, West Malling, and other surrounding towns. We want to make people not only in business but also residence to be aware of how they dispose of there personal information.

Having your IT equipment shredded is a guarantied way of making sure no personal information will not end up in the wrong hands.

If you want to give you computers to a charity then go to a qualified company that will wipe the hard drive with the correct software.

Once someone has your details your life will be turned upside down.

SMB can supply all the services to help protect you against this crime. Don’t take anything to chance.


Why is Identity theft one of the fastest growing crime in the UK

One reason may be because many of us ignore advice.

• 44% of Britons  just throw items with sensitive information straight  in the bin.

• Only 54% of UK residents routinely check financial statements.

• 79% of household waste contains at least one or more items that could assist fraudsters in stealing an identity.

Get in touch and make life safer.

There are 2 great links to give you information on identity theft please take the time to read and understand this crime so you can help prevent it.

All material that we shred is collected in accordance to the BS EN 15716 standard and recycled and used for other products within the UK.